G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd. maintains an assortment of test and measurement equipment - from digital recorders and transducers to a portable tri-axis decelerometer. These items are available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis as needed by our staff while in the field.

Shaft Guide Alignment
One of the most overlooked maintenance items in an underground hoist is the shaft guide alignment. A misaligned guide not only causes vibrations, but the movement creates wear in the guide system and often is the limitation to higher operational speeds.
This holds true for cable guided systems as well, where misalignment is usually caused by skips passing one another.
G.L Tiley & Associates Ltd. has developed in house shaft alignment measurement equipment, which allows us to determine not only alignment of fixed guides, but cable guides as well.
This same equipment enables us to determine the effect of aerodynamics when two or more rope guided skips pass one another, as well as the Coriolis effect, ultimately enabling us to design an efficient and safe shaft design.

Conveyance Freefall Testing
Part of a mine's annual inspections include conveyance freefall testing.
Whether the mine shaft is timber lined, steel lined or cable guided, with hundreds of inspections performed around the globe, we have the expertise and equipment available to ensure safety guidelines are adhered to, and safety features are proven.

Inspection of Exisiting Hoisiting Systems
With our experience on hoists, whether a single drum/double drum, koepe or blair hoist, we can:

  • •report on the existing condition on the operational or de-commissioned hoist
  • •recommend and design components for any areas requiring upgrades and/or repairconstruction drawings
  • •perform hoist incident inspections and report causes for failuresprocurement
  • •provide certifications on hoists and sheaves where required, even if the original OEM of the equipment is no longer in existence

Stress and Strain Measurement on Hoist Mechanical Components
Regardless of simulations performed on equipment, there is no more accurate data than real world conditions.  How a component reacts to a specific load is the ultimate goal. Enter stress and strain measurement.
With years of experience on stress and strain measurement, G.L.Tiley and Associates has used this tool to verify simulations, promote continuous improvement and assess maintenance and production procedures, for improved reliability and increased production rates.