In our capacity as mine hoist engineering specialists, G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd. has three major departments - Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural.

In brief, the Electrical department is responsible for PLC programming and control, the Tiley DHS, HMI systems, industrial networking, commissioning, and drafting of electrical-based schematics.

Our Mechanical department deals with the entire range of the hoisting process. This includes the analyses of the hoisting plant and the specification and sizing of components, the inspection of hoists and other equipment, refurbishing and design work, and testing.

G.L.Tiley & Associates Ltd's Structural department is responsible for headframe and hoist building design, shaft and guidance design, loading pocket design, and finite element analysis of sheaves and drums.

All three of G.L.Tiley & Associates's engineering departments offer field services.

For further information on any of our departments, please click on the department of your choice.


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